Michael has lead NNDC as its President since joining the organization in 2007.  He has thirty-six years' broad-based experience in real estate development, finance, and brokerage, including two decades in the public and non-profit sectors, during which he has been responsible for more $75 million in affordable housing, economic development, and urban redevelopment projects. Michael holds graduate degrees in Economic Geography and Urban & Regional Planning, national certification in Housing & Economic Development Finance, and has been a licensed Indiana real estate broker since 1983.  He is a native of northern Indiana and has lived in Indianapolis since 2003.

KEVIN SENNINGER - Senior Project Manager

Kevin has a 15-year professional background in community planning, historic preservation, and architecture. Throughout his career,  Kevin has worked on a number of community planning projects, as well as historic preservation/rehabilitation projects. He has also presented at several conferences and seminars, and facilitated numerous public meetings, community workshops and charrettes. In addition, Kevin also has approximately 10 years of residential and light commercial construction experience.  He has a Master's of Urban & Regional Planning and a Bachelor of Environmental Design from Ball State University.

ANGIE CALVERT - Project Coordinator

Angie Calvert is an Indianapolis native and long-time resident of Fountain Square, with 10-years' experience in neighborhood planning, community organizing, grants management, and non-profit administration. Angie joined NNDC in early 2019 and is responsible for day-to-day implementation of  its single-family housing projects and programs, as  well as leading its neighborhood outreach and community organizing activities.  She holds an undergraduate degree from IUPUI, and in May 2019 received a master's degree in Applied Sociology & Community Leadership from the University of Indianapolis.

PHIL VOTAW - Grants & Compliance Manager

Phil is a 30-year veteran of the Indianapolis community development industry, with wide-ranging experience that includes affordable housing development, home repair, business attraction, brownfield redevelopment, neighborhood outreach & organizing, grants management, and organizational management.  Phil joined NNDC in January 2018 in a project management role, but now focuses primarily on the organization's grants management and regulatory compliance activities.  He holds a Bachelors Degree in Agriculture from Purdue University, and serves as a lay pastor in the Presbyterian Church.

[VACANT] - Office Manager















Prior to Phil’s role as Executive Director, he managed WCDC’s home repair assistance programs and numerous home repair projects.  Under his management the organization made repairs to over 500 homes and administered more than $2 million in grant funds.


Prior to contracting with NNDC in early-2018 as a Project Manager, he served as the Executive Director for Westside Community Development Corporation (WCDC) from 2011 to 2018. As director of WCDC, Phil was uniquely positioned to understand the development needs of the community, identifying brownfields and other environmental challenges within the Near West community, and matching resources and investors with relevant development projects. He has extensive experience with federal grants management and regulatory compliance.